Cruise line to unveil new flight-booking tool

Agents will find it easier to book flights to link with cruises
Princess Cruises will soon launch a new flight-booking tool to make it easier for travel agents to book flights to link up with its cruises. The US-based line, which is part of Carnival’s group of cruise brands, is due to go live with its Plane Sailing booking tool on June 25.
Plane Sailing will replace the previous Flight Select booking tool on Princess’ new dedicated OneSource online platform for agents.
Paul Ludlow, the line’s managing director for Europe, told TTG that Plane Sailing had been developed following feedback from agents about the old flight booking tool.
“We have made a large number of improvements […] With Plane Sailing, we have developed a tool which is more intuitive and easier for our travel agency partners to use,” he said.
“One of the major changes is that we have introduced a recommendation for the best flight available. This process combines both price and comfort, so it also takes into account factors such as duration, whether it’s a direct flight and the time of day. It’s up to the personal choice of the customer whether they want to take the recommended flight or not – the best flight is not always centred around price.”
Plane Sailing will also allow agents to tailor flight packages, filter results by fare type, departure time and airline, as well as customising air bookings. The cruise line will use webinars, social media and training materials to promote the Plane Sailing booking tool and teach agents how to use it.
“We think it’s so intuitive that they may not need training, but we will provide it anyway,” Ludlow said.
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