Cruise lines and agents battle for kids’ approval

Getting attention of children means business for cruise companies

Surveys show that children influence more and more family vacation decisions. Seven out of ten kids help plan the summer holiday, according to one poll, while in another, 93% of children influence the choice of where to go. Cruise lines have a vast array of activities especially for kids of different age groups – so that the families will come back a second time due to their children’s and teens’ nagging.
However, it’s the agents’ informed decision that sells the cruise, and agents say that if they succeed in communicating that a cruise is great for the kids, it’s a major selling point. What are the customers looking for? Comprehensive babysitting programs, including those for babies, are vital. But the fact that some lines fail to properly accommodate teens means that many from that age group simply end up wandering aimlessly through the ships. Maybe some cruise lines should hire a child psychiatrist to investigate where they’re going wrong, one agent suggests.
Travel Weekly
[pictured: Disney Cruise Line postcard]