Cruise must do more to be “fresh and appealing”

Cruise industry still not appealing to younger generation
The cruise industry still has much work to do to appeal to the younger generation of travellers, travel tech firm Amadeus says in its latest consumer insights report on the cruise market.
Data taken from more than 2,000 respondents who replied to a survey called Bringing New Customers on Board revealed that 32% of respondents “do not agree that the industry makes cruise seem ‘young, fresh and appealing’.”
Possibly connected to this, Amadeus notes, is the finding that 28% of respondents are not aware of the listed dining, activity and entertainment that can be found on ships.
Overall, the research showed that 42% of adults who holiday abroad and have never taken a cruise would be tempted to do so in the future. Among travellers aged 25-34, this rose to 52%, while 7% of respondents said they had booked or were planning to book a cruise holiday in the next 12 months.
However, proving the sector still has work to do in offering more unique destinations, 31% of respondents said they would be more likely to book a cruise holiday if they were offered “unique, interesting or hard-to-reach destinations”.
It seems that the value of cruise holidays is also a message that has yet to reach consumers, with 50% of those surveyed describing the overall cost of cruise holidays as their number-one concern. And 35% of respondents were also worried about transparency on additional charges.
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