Cruise ship battered by nine-metre waves

Unexpected storm terrifies passengers and crew
Royal Caribbean cruise ship Anthem of the Seas has limped back to its New Jersey port after a storm and nine-metre waves smashed furniture and glass, terrifying passengers and injuring four people.
The storm off the North Carolina coast was more severe than the crew had expected. Passengers were told to stay in their cabins for hours – and that they could take whatever they wanted from the minibars at no charge. They took to social media with images of chaotic scenes.
“I’m not going to lie: I was terrified – although I did my best to hide it from my wife,” wrote Robert Huschka, executive editor of the Detroit Free Press. “The ship rocked side-to-side – sometimes hanging at an incline longer than seemed safe. Large noises came from within the ship. We heard crew members run through the hallway.”
He added: “The good news? They never lost the Super Bowl signal. Perfect TV picture throughout storm!”
Anthem had around 4,500 guests and 1,600 crew on board for what was supposed to be a seven-night cruise. The US Senate is demanding a federal investigation into why the crew sailed into the “the heart of a hurricane-force storm”. Last year the cargo ship SS El Faro was lost with all personnel after running into a hurricane in a similar area. Royal Caribbean says all passengers will get a full refund and a discount on a future cruise.
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