Cruise ship plan for asylum seekers fails

Sweden will not now place families on cruise vessel
Sweden’s migration board says it will not now be hosting asylum seekers on board a cruise ship, as was reported last November, as the vessel’s owner failed to get the necessary permits.
There is an acute shortage of places for asylum seekers in Sweden after more than 163,000 arrived in the country last year. Authorities have put them in gyms, warehouses, campsites, even disused nuclear shelters.
The floating accommodation would have placed 1,800 asylum seekers on Ocean Gala, a floating hotel that was formerly a cruise ship called the MS Scandinavia. But its US-based Swedish owner Kjell Tandberg could not secure the permits.
“Our deal was dependent on the procurement of all of the necessary permits. This was not the case and the deal is therefore null and void,” said Magnus Gustavsson at the migration authority Migrationsverket.
Tandberg accused the government of “refusing to pay” to hire the ship. He was looking for SEK 800,000 (€84,400) per day.

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