Cyprus Airways brand to be resurrected

€2 million paid to use logo of defunct carrier for 10 years
Russian carrier Charlie Airlines has paid €2 million to use the logo of defunct Cyprus Airways for 10 years.
A subsidiary of Russia’s S7 airline, which is part of the oneworld alliance, Charlie Airlines acquired the licence to use Cyprus Airways’ brand name, logo, and trademark over the next 10 years for flights to and from Cyprus.
Cyprus Airways ceased flying in January 2015. Under the licencing agreement, signed at the finance ministry, the state will remain the owner of the Cyprus Airways brand name, logo and trademark.
All standards will be audited on a quarterly basis with the exception of one, which will be audited twice a year.
A flight schedule is expected to be launched towards the end of the year, initially from Cyprus to three destinations in the UK, Greece and Russia using two A319 aircraft.
The government bought the Cyprus Airways logo, brand name and trademark in December 2014, a month before the loss-making state-run airline run out of money.
Cyprus Business Mail / TTG Digital