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Winner/Loser, a Hirst exhibit within the Empathy Suite (photo: Palms Casino Resort)

Damien Hirst designs art-riot Vegas suite

The art rebel has incorporated his artworks in the luxury suite, including butterfly designs and two sharks in formaldehyde.

Art rebel Damien Hirst, infamous for displaying dead animals in formaldehyde, has included some of his own works in his design of a luxury two-floor two-bedroom hotel suite in Las Vegas.

Empathy Suite is part of a $690 million plan to re-imagine Palms Casino Resort as an elevated destination through a host of cultural entertainment experiences, designboom reports.

The suite features original pieces from various series by Britain’s richest artist, including a butterfly-motif tiled cantilevered pool and a pill cabinet filled with diamonds.

Priced at $200,000 for a two-night stay, Empathy Suite has six of Hirst’s key artworks such as Winner/Loser, which has two bull sharks suspended in a tank of formaldehyde.

Overlooking the strip
The 840sqm suite’s pool and outdoor terrace overlooks the Las Vegas Strip. There is a 13-seat bar plus two lounge areas accommodating up to 52 guests, all with Hirst-designed furniture and furnishings.

Further facilities include a salt-therapy chamber, two massage rooms and a fitness room. Guests also enjoy 24-hour butler service and a chauffeur car service during their stay.

Empathy Suite is one of six new Sky Villas at the resort, all of which have been designed by Bentel & Bentel Architects.

“They have allowed me to create a suite in the hotel and design everything and completely fill it with my art,” enthused Hirst.

“The Empathy Suite designed by Damien Hirst is the pinnacle of luxury combining museum-worthy art and a truly legendary hospitality experience,” added Jon Gray, general manager of Palms Casino Resort.

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