Dane aims to visit every country without air travel

He will not return home until he visits all 203 countries
A Danish former shipping and logistics employee says he will not return home until he visits all 203 countries around the world without using air travel. He is currently in the 121st, Kenya, and his journey has so far taken him three years.
Torbjørn C Pedersen, 37, is limiting himself to a budget of US$20 a day and he must spend at least 24 hours in each country.
He claims that nothing like this has ever been done before. He is also travelling as goodwill ambassador for the Danish Red Cross, promoting the organisation’s work around the globe.
It has not always been plain sailing, as he reveals in his English-language Once Upon a Saga blog. He has been seriously ill with malaria, was harassed in central Africa, couldn’t find his way off Greenland and a container ship he was on got caught in a huge storm.
Obtaining visas has also been stressful, such as having to wait three months to get into Equatorial Guinea. However, a recent highlight was proposing to his girlfriend Le on Mt Kenya.
Copenhagen Post