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Danes warned about using their phones abroad

Internet and email use, voicemail and emojis can all be costly when travelling beyond – or within – the EU.

The energy agency Energistyrelsen is warning Danes heading abroad for the autumn half-term break to be careful when using their mobiles, the Copenhagen Post reports.

Increasing numbers of people return home from time away to find shocking phone bills because they’ve over-surfed the internet, using it freely like they do in Denmark.

Within the EU, most travellers can use a foreign provider’s network to make calls and send texts at no additional cost, thanks to a standard roaming clause.

But for using the internet, most providers have a fair-use limit on data. Exceed the limit, for example by watching a video, and you could be slapped with huge charges.

Danes travelling beyond the EU tend to be more cautious about using their mobiles, but they are still often caught out.

Take voicemail, for instance. Many are unaware that their voicemail is switched on and a call going to voicemail will result in being charged for two calls.

Easy on the emojis
If there are usage limits in countries outside the EU, Energistyrelsen advises against trusting them as they can quickly be surpassed. It also warns against using character-heavy emojis in texts.

In addition, it suggests switching off automatic updates of apps before travelling outside the EU.

Care should be taken near the EU’s external borders, where phones can automatically be diverted to a provider outside the EU.

Passing near Monaco, people are sometimes known to be switched to a service where any kind of internet and email use can be costly. And on ferries or cruises, passengers can find the devices switched to a satellite provider.

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