Dangers of dehumanised hotel service

Hotels should be careful of too many robots
Our love of high-tech gimmicks like room-service robots threatens to erode the kind of personal service that hotels need to survive, driving guests away to where the human touch is still valued. The core mission of hotels is humans serving humans.
Media have enthused about Hilton’s research and development with robotic concierge Connie. IBM’s Watson powers its responses.
The Aloft Cupertino hotel does something similar with Botlr, a servant on wheels that delivers the toothbrush you forgot to your door.
Many of these experiments should not be taken too seriously. But the employment of robots seems to have been designed in the marketing department specifically to attract more guests.
“In an age of digital overload, simple, human spaces, great service and great food and drink will be even more relevant,” Skift writes. “The hospitality industry can be a huge beneficiary of where the world is culturally right now. And it should double down. To succeed in this, hotels and other service industries must not look to the cheap temptations of AI and automation in order to provide something novel or to cut costs. Rather, they should focus more deeply on training staff, and creating human centric, empathetic experience.”

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