Danish captain welcomes Emirates passengers

Emirates starts new route from Dubai to Copenhagen with passengers from around the world

“Welcome aboard the first Emirates flight from Dubai to Copenhagen…” The Danish captain Lars Schoyen, 47, was happy to welcome around 200 passengers onboard the Emirates Airbus 330. The plane landed today at Copenhagen Airport, marking the beginning of Emirates’ daily service between Copenhagen and Dubai.
Captain Lars Schoyen has flown for Emirates for 10 years. With him he had a Danish stewardess and three crew members from Sweden. It was the first time he had spoken Danish in an Emirates aircraft.
The passengers were a mix of people from around the world. About 30% were from Denmark, while the rest came from Dubai, Melbourne, Jakarta, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cape Town, Accra, Bahrain Guangzhou and other places.
Emirates flight was greeted with water cannons and got a VIP reception at Copenhagen Airport. “Copenhagen offers Emirates a network of services and new, attractive opportunities,” said Richard Vaughan, Emirates’ Senior Vice President for Commercial Operations Worldwide. “Emirates passengers out of Scandinavia will no longer have to go to Germany to connect to our flights. They can now travel directly from the capital of Denmark to the Far East, India and Australia via our ultra-modern hub in Dubai.”
He welcomed Denmark as country number 67 on the Emirates route network out of Dubai. Emirates will on February 1st replace the Airbus 330 with seating for 237 passengers to a Boeing 777-200 with space for 286 passengers.
“I’ve learned that no is not a word used in the Emirates. Therefore, I think the Airbus 380 will come to Copenhagen, if the route is developing positively,” Volker Greiner, Vice President North & Central Europe told TTG Nordic. Emirates currently has 15 A380s and 75 on order.
“We have passengers from all over Scandinavia. We concentrate on the whole of Denmark and Sweden, Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger in Norway and Helsinki in Finland. Other airlines are eager to be effective and productive. Emirates is unique because we look at service and customer needs. Therefore, you should choose Emirates,” Teddy Zebitz, Nordic Head of Emirates said to TTG Nordic.
“We expect that about 30% to 35% of our passengers will go to Dubai, while the rest will fly to other destinations. But in future Dubai can be developed into a major tourist destination, so more passengers will go to Dubai,” Zebitz said.