Danish chef launches home dining app

TastePlease is global social media platform for foodies
A new global social media platform for foodies, TastePlease, has been launched in Copenhagen. Award-winning chef Frank Lantz is behind the shared economy dining app, which aims to bring food and travel together.
A website and an app in 14 languages helps lovers of local food in 190 different countries to experience each other’s national cuisines and home cooking. The company wants to enable people to use “modern technology to socialise the old-fashioned way”.
Users can create their own dining profiles, attend events, host their own meals and invite others – sharing their passion for food and “eating like the locals”.
Inspired by Airbnb, the app hopes to enrich experiences for visitors as well as locals in the world’s flavoursome foodie cities.
“People like to meet new people when they are travelling – when you go to a restaurant you know nobody,” Lantz says. He adds that using the app is “quite easy. You can choose to be the guest or to host, can choose a payment, create an event with a particular theme, choose price, time and location, create as much as you like.”
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