Danish hotel booking startup has big ambitions

Nustay.com aims to change the hotel-booking market
A new luxury hotel booking startup that aims to revolutionise online bookings will launch soon in Denmark. Nustay.com has attracted millions of kroner to help it on its way and perhaps challenge Trivago and Hotels.com.
Danish marketing entrepreneur Magnus Kjøller and a team from Dubai have pledged DKK 2.475 million (€332,000), while UK-based venture capital fund AppIdea has put up DKK 825,000.
Other investors include Simon Skouboe, who runs the Danish luxury resort Henne Kirkeby Kro, Michael Telling, managing director of Kokkedal Slot, and technology investor Jeff Coe of Voyat International.
“This is a big deal for a Danish startup, especially considering we haven’t launched yet,” Mathias Lundø, Nustay.com’s co-founder and chief executive, told the Weekly Post. “Our investors believed so much in me, the concept and my team that they decided to invest based on a very high seven-digit million USD figure valuation, even though we have yet to launch.”
Nustay.com aims to give users easy access to better booking rates and offer hotels a way to submit unique offers to each individual guest at a discounted rate. “Best matching” pairs guests with hotels by rating guests via their profiles, interests and past hotel expenditure.
Copenhagen Post
[pictured: Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel, Crete]

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