Danish police send home 250 drunk Swedes

Police put half of large group on ferry back to Sweden
Easter chaos gripped the Danish town of Helsingør on Sunday as 500 Swedish partygoers ran riot. The police finally put about half of them on the next ferry back to Sweden.
Helsingør has become a nearby “Ibiza” for teenagers, one officer said as police vehicles escorted the revellers from the town centre to the port.
“The young people had come to Helsingør to party. It’s a bit like an Ibiza for them here,” said commanding officer Søren Bjørnestad. “There must have been about 500 of them and they all wanted to go out drinking, but there wasn’t enough space for them all.”
When about half of them were refused entry to Helsingør’s nightclubs they started to become disorderly.
“There was shouting and bottles were being smashed. There was a bit of a commotion, so we separated the restless elements and escorted the others calmly to the ferry.”
He added: “Ten to 20 or so threw themselves down in a pile in the departure hall, so we had to give them a dose of pepper spray.”
North Zealand Police told their Swedish counterparts about the youngsters before the group docked.
The Local / Metroxpress / Ritzau