Danish rail operator under fire for photo checks

Passengers’ ID papers photographed before travel to Sweden
Danish rail operator DSB has changed its policy after IT security experts criticised it for photographing the ID documents of passengers travelling to Sweden, to store online for up to a month.
SB staff have been checking passengers’ IDs since Sweden reintroduced border controls on Monday – and using smartphones to photograph them and send them direct to storage. IT experts said that such sensitive personal information stored online may be vulnerable to theft.
DSB now says it will take the photos while offline, making them available only via closed network.
“It’s a sound move from DSB’s end,” said Peter Kruse, a security expert at Danish IT firm CSIS. “I’m more comfortable with their setup now than I was before. I think that all of this has happened very quickly for DSB and now they’ve had some time to sit back and look at what is most appropriate. And that is definitely a closed network.”
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