Danish suitcases “sent flying”

Passenger from Sweden films incident
Luggage handlers at London’s Luton Airport are under investigation after footage emerged of them carelessly throwing suitcases and bags from the hold of an easyJet flight from Copenhagen into a truck.
The film was taken on a phone by a passenger from Sweden who was concerned about the lack of respect for people’s possessions.
“Me and my brother were watching the plane parking next to the gate and staff started to unload,” Jonas Ozolins, 30, told the Evening Standard newspaper.
“The two gents parked with the luggage vehicle and started unloading. The first bag was thrown at the back of the truck. My first thought was he misjudged the throw and that it was an accident. Then the other bags kept flying.”
He said he started filming “to help the owners if something valuable got broken. I travel in my work with expensive equipment that provides my living and I saw myself in the owners’ position.”
Menzies Aviation, which provides baggage services for easyJet at Luton, agreed that “the behaviour in this video is unacceptable” and said it was launching an investigation.
Evening Standard

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