Danish tech assists Bergen Airport

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Bergen Airport

Airport to leverage technology to ease passenger waiting times

Bergen is following the example of its fellow Norwegian airports Oslo and Stavanger by implementing queue management technology to eliminate waiting time guesswork, a solution created by Denmark-based firm Blip Systems.

Norway’s second busiest airport has over 6 million passengers annually and recently opened a new terminal with capacity for up to 10 million passengers a year. It has adopted the BlipTrack technology to measure and predict how many people are standing in line and for how long.

The minute-by-minute measurements and prediction insights will help it to better comply with service agreements and minimise queue build-up, lowering any passenger frustration.

“We want to make travelling easier for our passengers. The implementation of BlipTrack will help to ensure that passengers experience a quick and easy passage through this stage of the journey, and significantly increase the opportunity for a positive experience throughout the airport,” says Øystein Skaar, airport director.

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BlipTrack provides both live and empirical data insights on passenger queue times, helping the airport to monitor queue line density at security, allowing management to react quickly to disruptions, for example by opening additional lines.

The airport also plans to share the wait time information with the passengers, as is the case at Oslo Airport, a move designed to reduce passenger stress levels.

The solution consists of Wi-Fi device-detecting sensors placed around the security process. More than 25 other airports are using the same technology including New York, Dublin, Cincinnati, Dublin, Birmingham, Brussels and Geneva.

It is also being used in road traffic optimisation in Stockholm, Aarhus Bangkok, Zürich, Portsmouth and at the port of Dover, and it has been rolled out in train stations, ski resorts, amusement parks and events around the world.

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