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Danish tourism’s biggest growth from US and India

VisitDenmark is predicting continued growth in the rise of tourists from several key markets, despite some markets and the industry itself forecast to experience difficulties.

Germany sends the most tourists to Denmark by far, but VisitDenmark this year predicts that the highest percentage growth in the number of tourists will come from the US and India. But the new forecast also shows that Danish tourism will face challenges.

Last year’s figures are not fully in, but in 2017 Denmark had a tourism turnover of DKK 128 billion (€17.15 billion). The government’s goal is for it to be DKK 140 billion (€18.75 billion) by 2025.

And for the seventh year in a row, VisitDenmark expects growth for incoming tourism this year, predicting an increase of about 2.2% in the number of nights spent.

Growth is expected from most of Denmark’s ten priority markets. However, there is uncertainty about the UK market due to the repeated postponement of Brexit.

VisitDenmark also predicts that the weak economy in Sweden will put a damper on growth for the large Swedish market.

American tourists are at the top of this year’s forecast, with a growth rate of 8% to 10%. In 2018, the Americans established themselves as the largest group of travellers to Copenhagen.

“It appears that in 2019 we will receive a new record year with tourism growth for the seventh consecutive year,” says Jan Olsen, CEO of VisitDenmark.

“But if we look at the goal for 2025 from the National Tourism Forum of 3% annual growth, we are below that. Countries like the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden are leading us in growth rates. So it’s important that we continue to maintain high market pressure and that we in the industry work together so we get the most out of the funding.”

Places to stay
Denmark may lack the necessary vacancies to accommodate rising tourist numbers.

Olsen said that “there is a risk that we will lose tourists, especially in the high season, because holiday homes are fully booked.”

It is not only travellers to Copenhagen and the other major Danish cities accounting for a high turnover in tourism; coastal and nature tourism is the largest single segment. In 2017, such travel represented 48% of total tourism in the country.

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