Danish town attracts tourists with ‘dog bars’

German tourists and dogs are welcome in Denmark
German tourists and their dogs are more than welcome in Denmark. So much so that one town in West Jutland is giving dogs their own bars.
The tourist office in Holstebro hopes this will attract more German tourists, who are already by far Denmark’s biggest incoming tourism market with 13.8 million overnights last year contrasting with second-placed Norway with 2.6 million.
“German guests see their dog as an extra family member and see them almost as having an extra child,” Holstebro tourism consultant Kristina Lehmann Schjøtt told Danish broadcaster DR.
German tourists have been more reluctant to visit the Danish west coast with their four-legged friends since the strict Dog Law (Hundeloven) was introduced in 2011. The law states that a dog can be put down if it injures a person or even acts in a way that causes fright.
The dog bars, which give out treats and something to drink as well as guidelines for their owners, is seen as a way to lure them back.
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