Danish unions threaten to hit Ryanair

“We have to get them to work under Danish conditions”



Low-cost carrier Ryanair is preparing to launch flights from Copenhagen on March 26, but unions are threatening to hit it with strikes. They are not happy with the airline’s terms of employment.

Ryanair already operates flights from Billund and Aarhus. From the capital, flights are initially planned to London, Warsaw and Milan. But work conditions are “unacceptable”.

“Ryanair pilots and flight attendants are working under conditions that are unacceptable to us, so we expect to come into conflict with the company,” Thilde Waast of the FPU trade union, told the newspaper Avisen. “We have no interest in causing trouble for Ryanair, but we have to get an agreement with them to work under Danish conditions.”

But Ryanair’s commercial director, David O’Brien, has said: “We work directly with employees. We do not cooperate with trade unions.”

Ryanair workers must serve a year’s probation, have no right to sick leave or holiday pay, and have no certainty over how many shifts the airline give them, Waast said.

Other unions in Denmark, including 3F Kastrup which represents baggage handlers, say they are ready to launch sympathy strikes against the airline.

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[photo by Nsaa; Creative Commons license]

[photo courtesy Ryanair]