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Photo: Danish Air Transport

DAT MD-82 painted in ‘retro’ colours

The Danish airline joins the retro livery bandwagon and flies an MD-82 over to England for a final paint job.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Danish Air Transport recently announced on social media that it was about to paint its MD-82 in retro colours.

The carrier says that the more than 27-year-old machine is ready-painted and will be back in operation on May 3.

OY-RUT has until now borne the colours of the former owner, the Italian airline Meridiana. Now DAT will do as a number of other airlines around the world have done, such as British Airways, and paint the plane in ‘retro-livery’.

The paint job is being done in a hangar in Bournemouth in the UK, and the new livery will be a celebration of the classic 1960s jet.

“The MD is a true classic that draws on many people’s feelings,” Jesper Rungholm, DAT’s chief executive tells Check-In.dk.

“As we had to choose the livery for it, we had to choose between completely white with red nose, which is our standard, and an MD in full DAT painting. It was nice, but we’ve had it once already.”

Aviation geeks
So the airline initiated a competition where everyone interested could participate by submitting a proposal. And this initiative bore fruit.

“There were great offers from some super-enthusiasts from the Netherlands. We started working with them and modified their bids. And the two enthusiasts are actually over in the painting hall to assist with the work. They are 100% committed to it. Some real nerds,” Rungholm explains.

“It’s not strictly a retro livery, as this would mean we’ve had the colours before. I would like to call it a homage to the classic aircraft liveries of jets from the 60s and 70s. It is inspired by, among others, Sterling Airlines.”

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