Debris on island from same aircraft type as MH370

A “metal object of interest” was also discovered on Sunday
The wing segment that washed up the Indian Ocean island of Reunion last week is from a Boeing 777, Malaysian authorities said yesterday – the same aircraft type as missing MH370.
France and the United States have identified the flaperon wing part as being from a 777, Malaysia’s transport ministry said. Experts must now find out whether it is from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Work to conclusively identify it will start on Wednesday.
More debris appears to have washed up on different parts of Reunion. A “metal object of interest” was discovered on Sunday morning. However, officials refused to give more information to the media. The remains of a suitcase were also found. All of the debris has been transferred to Toulouse, France, for analysis.
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished on March 8 last year shortly after leaving Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board.


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