Delta accident in heavy snow at New York airport

Delta aircraft slides on icy runway while landing at LaGuardia
A Delta Air Lines aircraft slid on an icy runway while landing in a snowstorm at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, hitting a fence before stopping right at the edge of the city’s Flushing Bay.
No serious injuries were reported, but the incident could have been far worse if the plane had slid just a few more metres and fallen into the water. The plane lost a wing in the crash and the nose hung above an embankment beside the bay. All 127 passengers and five crew were evacuated safely, although the chutes failed to deploy properly.
Delta flight 1086 was flying from Atlanta, landing at LaGuardia at around 11:00 local time.
“I think the pilot did everything he could to slow the aircraft down,” Patrick Foye, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the airport’s operator, said. “Obviously, the pilot’s and the co-pilot’s good efforts were reflected in the fact that there were only minor injuries.”
Two planes that landed just before the incident reported “good braking action.” No statements have yet been made about a possible cause, but heavy snow was falling over most of the city at the time.
[photo courtesy NYPD]