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Denmark beyond the capital: events in 2018

A lighthouse’s last stand, a new national park, an adventure park, art and jewellery, and a rollercoaster.

Beyond Copenhagen and Aarhus, more openings and events for tourists and locals are planned for the coming year.

In Billund, the original Legoland is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018 with new attractions, such as the new Flying Eagle rollercoaster, a revamped Wild West town and a huge red Lego dinosaur to greet guests.

This year will be the last chance to visit the iconic Rubjerg Knude lighthouse before it is moved to a new location. In the decades after its light first shone in 1900, the sea and the dunes moved closer and by 1968 the sand was so high it was sometimes impossible to see, so the light was switched off. Now the whole structure will be moved.

Koldinghus, Jutland’s last royal castle, turns 750 years old in 2018, marked with a special exhibition The Splendour of Power, showcasing unique Danish and European pieces of jewellery.

Denmark will get a fifth national park in North Sealand this year, covering 25,800 hectares, making it the second largest national park in the country and containing Denmark’s two biggest lakes, Arresø and Esrum Sø, a forest and two UNESCO world heritage sights.

Artist Olafur Eliasson is designing a new landmark building for Vejle’s harbour in 2018, part of which will showcase art with free public entry to exhibitions on the ground floor.

Biggest treetop park
Camp Adventure Park, Denmark’s biggest treetop adventure park, will unveil a new observation tower in 2018. The Treetop Experience consists of a tower with a 600m internal spiral ramp that will take visitors from the forest floor through the treetops to a 360° view of the landscape.

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