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Photo: Copenhagen Malmö Port

Denmark expects record cruise year

More than 1.2 million tourists are expected to dock at Danish ports in 2019, “a source of revenue in the harbours and shops”.

Denmark will hit another tourism record in 2019 as 1.2 million cruise passengers are expected to disembark in Danish ports during the year, according to destination marketing bureau Wonderful Copenhagen.

“Danish cruise-ship success is manifesting itself more and more across the country as a source of revenue in the harbours and shops, thanks to these international guests,” says Claus Bødker, head of cruise tourism at Wonderful Copenhagen.

“This year we can expect a positive overall effect from cruise-ship tourism in the form of turnover of about DKK 1.6 billion (€214 million) and 2,200 full-time jobs. Visitor numbers in 2019 will see a new record both in turnover and in job creation.”

Sea access
Although Copenhagen is still the driving force when it comes to attracting cruise ships to Danish waters, the rest of the country is also on the increase. Ports beyond the capital are anticipated to reach close to 250,000 guests for the first time ever in 2019, the Copenhagen Post reports.

Precisely 158 cruises are due to dock in Copenhagen this year, the vast majority of them using the Danish capital as the start and end point of their trip.

But other cruise destinations in the country include Skagen, Fredericia, Aarhus, Kalundborg, Hundested, Helsingør and Rønne.

Tourists coming to Denmark by cruise ship last year heralded from more than 150 countries, but the most prominent nationalities to visit the Danish shores were from the UK, Germany and North America.

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