Denmark is Nordics’ biggest for Airbnb

Danes more likely to rent than Swedes or Norwegians
Danes are far more likely to rent out their homes and rooms to visitors than Swedes or Norwegians, according to the latest figures from online accommodation marketplace Airbnb.
Denmark has twice as many housing listings on Airbnb as its Nordic neighbours, offering around 26,000 holiday homes for rent, contrasting with the Swedes’ 13,000 and the Norwegians’ 12,700.
Copenhagen is among the ten biggest Airbnb cities outside the US, figures from 2015 reveal.
Lars Erik Jønsson, deputy chief executive of VisitDenmark, explained that the Danes are more used to renting out private property to foreigners.
“In Denmark, foreigners account for half of all overnight stays, while in Sweden and Norway they account for only about one quarter,” he told broadcaster DR.
The long coastline is a major draw. Tourists who rent houses on the Danish coast account for 35% of all overnight visits in Denmark, Jønsson said.
Copenhagen Post