Denmark is Norwegians’ top holiday choice

A quarter of all summer trips abroad are to Denmark
More Norwegians are heading south this summer – but only as far as Denmark. A weaker economy means a tighter budget for many people in Norway.
Of a total two million Norwegians over the age of 18 who are planning to go abroad this summer, around 450,000 will be vacationing in Denmark, putting it at the top of the country’s destination list, a survey from the SpareBank 1 group of savings banks says. Spain is second this year, Sweden third.
“We traditionally choose our neighbouring countries, and as always sunny Spain remains a popular vacation destination. These are countries we know well and are convenient for Norwegians to holiday in,” economist Magne Gundersen said.
Greece, Italy and the UK come further down the list. Turkey has fallen significantly, with just 77,000 saying they plan to go there this summer – half the number from a year ago. Many more are preferring to just stay at home.
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