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Denmark-Sweden tunnel study launched

A part-EU financed feasibility study has begun to look at the pros and cons of two tunnel possibilities.

Besides a proposed project for a new bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden between the towns of Helsingør and Helsingborg, two tunnel options are also being discussed, with a feasibility study now underway.

Analysis continues to study the pros and cons of a bridge that could become reality in 2035, the Copenhagen Post reports. But the Danish road authority Vejdirektoratet has just announced it is working with its Swedish counterpart Trafikverket to make a feasibility study on road and rail tunnels.

Two links are on the table – a shorter combined road-and-passenger-rail tunnel, and a much longer road-only link.

“A fixed link between Helsingør and Helsingborg has been under discussion for many years,” says Andreas Egense, department chief at the Vejdirektoratet.

“Now we are going to carry out a thorough investigation of how such a link could be established and financed, and what social value it would bring.”

Study cost
The tunnels are ultimately likely to be user-financed. The feasibility study, which has been budgeted at DKK 17.3 million (€2.32 million) including DKK 7.3 million in EU subsidies, will be the basis for making a political decision in 2020 on whether to go ahead.

Elements that will have to be considered in the study include assessing the need for expanding the infrastructure on either side of the tunnel, and considering the consequences of a road-only connection compared to a combined transport link.

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