Denmark to see 100,000 more cruise tourists

Country on track for all-time cruise record in 2017
It will be a good year for cruise in Denmark. An additional 100,000 cruise tourists are expected compared to last year – and 2017 will be the best year ever, with 850,000 cruise guests in total.
This year, the figures will grow by 9% to 740,000, with 304 calls by 67 ships from 35 shipping companies. The anticipated 850,000 cruise visitors for 2017 will beat the previous record from 2012 of 840,000.
The trend for cruise in the country is that the ships are becoming bigger. The largest ones have capacity for up to 4,000 guests. This year there will be 15 calls with these 4,000-plus vessels and as many as 55 next year, Stand By reports
Cruise tourism is estimated to bring in an annual turnover of DKK1.3 billion (€175 million) for Denmark, the country’s Cruise Copenhagen Network said at its recent Annual General Meeting in the capital.
Stand By

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