Design makes plane seats more comfortable

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Trend at expo is to keep legroom tight but improve comfort
Seat manufacturers showed off new designs at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Long Beach, California last week. Seats are being engineered with curves and high-tech padding to make passengers feel more comfortable in ever-tighter spaces.
As economy seats are not getting any bigger these days, designers are working to try to make them more comfortable. The trend at the expo was keeping legroom tight but improving comfort.
Body-shaped seat designs, carbon-fibre frames, new padding and other tweaks were all on display.
Acro Aircraft Seating, a British company making seats for low-cost and other carriers, demonstrated how a tall man could fit into its seats. The backrest of the seat in front curves away from the knees and the backrest itself is fitted with thinner padding.
Manufacturers of airline seats and aircraft interiors compete in a $17 billion industry – expected to grow to $29 billion by 2021 as demand for air travel surges.
With the seat pitch reduced to as little as 28 inches (71 centimetres) on some planes, seat manufacturers’ aim is to make less personal space more comfortable.
Lift, a seat maker working with Boeing, says economy seats are more comfortable when the lower part and back support curve to match the shape of the body.
Lift also uses three types of foam in the padding, the softest placed where the back of the knees are and harder foam under the buttocks. And as with Acro, the lower back curves away from the knees of the passenger sitting behind.
Los Angeles Times

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