Design revealed for 30-minute London-New York flights

New plane called Skreemr would hit Mach 10, or 12,350 km/h
The race for super-speed passenger travel seems to be on. Following Airbus’ patenting three months ago of a hypersonic aircraft that would travel twice as fast as Concorde, a new project has begun to build a hi-tech jet that would fly between London and New York in 30 minutes.
With four wings and two rockets, the Skreemr would be launched into the sky on a magnetic “railgun” and reach 10 times the speed of sound, say designers Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison.
The rockets would propel the passenger craft to Mach 4, four times the speed of sound, before hi-tech scramjets blast it up to Mach 10. It would reach a top speed of 12,350 km/h.
The world’s first supersonic business jet is also in production.
Yahoo News