Destinations send “irrelevant” press material

Travel media unhappy with deluge of destination marketing

People in the travel trade who are responsible for sending destination marketing materials to the media may be frustrated to learn that most of them are ignored. Fortunately, a seminar entitled “How to succeed with press relations in the Nordic Market” will address the issue in Stockholm on October 26. To be held in English, the seminar is being held in the wake of a recent survey in which “25 of the most important travel journalists” in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark were interviewed. They said that most of the information they receive daily from international and national destination marketers and companies in the travel industry go straight in the bin because of their irrelevance. Destination marketers, they said, could definitely do better in their media relations.
The study found that charter companies, the cruise industry and airlines and hotels are better at media relations than foreign and domestic destination organisations. The seminar, to be hosted by Prat PR, will offer advice on how destination marketers can better reach out with their news. Anyone interested in going should contact:
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