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Bull penis (photo: Anja Barta Thelin)

“Disgusting food” museum to open in Malmö

A pop-up museum will exhibit the world’s most revolting and evil-smelling snacks.

Some tourists and locals will be forgiven for doing their best to avoid a new museum that opens in Malmö at the end of next month. But the organisers hope that the curiosity of many others will be enough to tempt them inside.

The aptly named Disgusting Food Museum is the idea of Dr Samuel West, an American behind the Museum of Failure in Helsingborg, The Local reports.

The displays will bring together 80 of the world’s most revolting foods at Slagthuset MMX near Malmö Central station.

The new attraction will take visitors a tour of each of the world’s continent’s least appealing snacks.

Exhibits will include a raw bull’s penis on a cutting board, maggot cheese from Sardinia and roasted guinea pig from Peru.

Also to be experienced will be evil-smelling foods like Sweden’s stomach-churning fermented herring, Durian fruit from Asia, which smells like rotting flesh, and Iceland’s rotten shark.

“Hardcore science”
“The main aim is that it is fun, interesting, and interactive,” West tells The Local. “You can taste, smell, and in certain cases, even touch the food.”

He adds: “The rotten shark from Iceland is absolutely horrid. We have the world’s stinkiest cheese, proven by a British university. It’s hardcore science.”

But his main point about the exhibition, which opens on October 31 and will run until the end of January, is more serious.

“We need to question our ideas of disgust if we’re going to consider some of the more environmentally friendly sources of protein, like insects.”

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