Clear Disparity in Hotel Prices in Italy

Venice, Florence, Pisa and Milan show big price differences for the same room.

The extent of the disparity in hotel prices in the different regions of Italy has been made clear by a report prepared by the European hotel price comparison website Trivago. The Disparity Hotel Price Index of rates charged by hotels shows that the same room can vary by up to 33% on average. The price gap widens as the class of room goes upwards.

The difference in price exists for the same hotel, varying according to the distribution channel. But it’s the geographical layout of the disparities that is even more interesting. Such price instability is more intense in Italy’s tourist destinations, such as Venice, Tuscany and Lazio. The disparity is clear in Venice, for example, where prices for the same room can vary by up to 23%. Tuscany follows with a price variation of 16% (Florence has a rate of 24%). Of the cities with the greatest disparity in tariffs, Pisa and Milan register differences of 33% and 32%. One night in the same room may vary significantly in cost. e