Do hotels need business centres anymore?

No, but many properties keep a small number of PCs in the lobby

Not long ago, every hotel had to have a business centre to attract business travellers. A fax machine and, later, a computer with internet connection were essential communication tools in the days before laptops and smartphones. Now, many of the large hotel business centres have disappeared to make way for a better use of space. But a lot of properties, both upscale and budget, think it is important to keep a small number of personal computers in areas like the lobby. The demand is still there for guests wanting to check the internet on the run.
Corporate clients often require large hotels to keep computers in the meeting rooms. Occasionally, however, hotels as exclusive as the Hilton on Park Lane, London, continue to charge for access to the internet, including use of WiFi.
[pictured: Business centre, Holiday Inn Swansea; courtesy IHG]

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