Does Thailand’s tourism brand need to change?

Amazing Thailand has been eclipsed by other slogans, branding expert says

The brand Amazing Thailand was highly successful in the years after it was first announced in 1997. But David Keen, CEO of KEEN, a Bangkok-based global branding agency, suggests that it needs to change.
Addressing the PATA Thailand Chapter AGM in Bangkok, he cited dynamic campaigns such as Inspired by Iceland, Incredible India and 100% Pure New Zealand as brilliant branding campaigns that now seem to have eclipsed Amazing Thailand and made it “out of date compared to other destination brands that are changing all the time.”
“The current ‘Amazing’ campaign doesn’t reflect the future of Thailand,” said Keen. “It is also driving [tourism] prices down. ‘Amazing’ is now a misunderstood brand in the international market.” He argued that “the branding of Thailand and Thai institutions should be done in Thailand. It should be done with multi-dimensional thought and the interests of the Thai people at heart.” A successful brand encapsulates the soul, spirit and aspirations of a people as well as vital aspects of a country such as its attractions, charm, history, music, language and culture, Keen continued.


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