Dogs and cats get their own inflight cabins

Airline attracts well-off pet owners with new service
Pets on flights are nothing new. But American Airlines is going further to attract pet owners, with the first-of-its-kind “pet cabins”. The airline says that dogs or cats are now ensured more comfortable transcontinental flights.
There are two cabins per plane, in first-class only, each accommodating a pet on select flights between New York JFK and Los Angeles and JFK and San Francisco.
Each cabin is big enough to comfortably accommodate a carrier, to a maximum of 19 by 13 by 9 inches (48 x 33 x 23cm) if hard-sided, or slightly bigger if it is soft-sided.
The airline’s website on pet travel has more information on restrictions on breeds, weight and other guidelines. The cabins are mostly aimed at dogs and cats, so snakes on the plane are not allowed, yet.
Conde Nast