Dreamliner engine failures prompt mass refit

Boeing 787’s biggest customer grounds entire fleet
The world’s biggest operator of Boeing 787s, the Japanese airline ANA, says it has to replace all 100 Rolls-Royce engines on its fleet of 50 Dreamliners after three engine failures so far this year caused by the turbine blades’ corrosion and cracking. The replacement process could take up to three years.
The corrosion of the blades has led to several aborted flights and cancellations this year. All 50 of the airline’s 787s will now get engines with new blades.
Five engines on ANA planes need repairs, “but we will replace all the 100 engines for enhanced safety measures”, the company said.
Rolls-Royce is “working very closely with ANA” to change the blades and has started production on a new blade design to be used on new 787s from 2017.
ANA’s “intensive” use of the engines has prompted the engine failures, Rolls-Royce claims.
The Guardian