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SpiceRoads Cycling

E-bikes on offer for Vietnam and Sri Lanka tours

The tour operator SpiceRoads Cycling rolls out e-bikes in two more of its markets in Asia.

A “premier niche cycling touring operator” in Asia is rolling out e-bikes in Vietnam and Sri Lanka, a move it says will allow riders of more varied experience or fitness levels to experience destinations and communities on cycling tours.

SpiceRoads Cycling says that riders with less experience, lower fitness, injuries or less confidence in their abilities can now enjoy trips and destinations without worrying about being able to keep up.

E-bikes will also allow sports enthusiasts to enjoy a cycling tour, TTG Asia reports, with a spouse, family member or friend who would otherwise not consider the activity.

Pedal assist
The bicycles in Sri Lanka are Scott Cross-E Sub 20 bikes, while select Vietnam tours feature Giant Explore E+ bikes.

Both models use ‘pedal assist’ technology, which engages the bike’s motor once the rider begins to pedal. The more you pedal, the more the motor is activated, making them ideal for tackling climbs or comfortably cruising.

“We believe that cycle travel provides a more authentic, sustainable and memorable travel experience for our customers and the communities they travel to and interact with,” SpiceRoads managing director Daniel Moylan said.

“E-bikes allow us to be more inclusive of who is able to join our tours and see the world with us.”

The new e-bikes can be hired either per tour or as an alternative to standard mountain, road or carbon bike hire.

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