easyJet may take over Air Berlin flights

Low-cost carrier in talks to take over big chunk of services
Low-cost carrier easyJet is in talks to take over a large number of the services currently operated by insolvent airline Air Berlin, according to the Rheinische Post.
Europe’s second biggest budget carrier aims to adopt up to half of Air Berlin’s 70,000 slots at Düsseldorf Airport, which include flights to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Zürich and Copenhagen.
Lufthansa is also deep in Air Berlin discussions, to buy large parts of the airline, but because of competition rules it will not be able to buy slots where Air Berlin’s only competitor is a Lufthansa subsidiary, like Eurowings.
“The anti-cartel authorities won’t accept Lufthansa taking over services in those places where Air Berlin has been the most important competitor to Eurowings,” Rheinische Post quotes an insider as saying. “In those areas easyJet is offering itself as a buyer.”
The UK’s easyJet has already said it will shift much of its business closer to Germany as a result of Brexit.
Rheinische Post / The Local