Ebola scare grounds SAS plane

“It’s best to be on the safe side in these cases”

An SAS aircraft arriving in Copenhagen from Paris on Saturday was quarantined for an hour when a passenger was believed to be infected with the Ebola virus.

The flight was grounded at Copenhagen Airport after cabin crew suspected a female passenger who had recently visited West Africa was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms.

But an hour’s examination of the passenger at the airport convinced medical experts it was safe to allow all of the passengers leave the plane.

“The airplane has been released by the doctor and police. The doctor said that the passenger in question is not infected by Ebola,” Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, SAS press spokesperson, told VG.

Copenhagen Airport spokeswoman Lea Holm told Danish broadcaster DR, “Today we saw that our emergency procedures work. It is best to be on the safe side in these cases.”

NTB / The Local

[photo courtesy SAS]

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