Egyptair continues flights during curfew

Airline offers meals for passengers on arrival

As the turmoil in Egypt continues, Egyptair has confirmed that it is continuing operations and facilities as normal during curfew times.

“The country’s flag carrier has been operating the daily flights normally from Cairo Airport and the other Egyptia n airports without any cancellations and with minor delays, and Egyptian airspace is open for regular air traffic,” Hossam Kamal, chairman and CEO of Egyptair Holding, declared.

He added: “The no-show percentage hasn’t exceeded 10% and the company is exempts customers from change fees due to any traffic-related reasons. Moreover, customers with reservations on flights after the curfew times can either come to the airport before the curfew time or they can pass through the checkpoints using their passport and itinerary showing their departure or arrival flight. […] Egyptair offers beverages and meals for arriving passengers not being able to reach their homes during the hours of the curfew.”

He concluded: “All Egyptair employees are ready to offer the customers all kinds of help and assistance to make their travel easier.”

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