Egyptian security forces kill tourists

Mexican tourists “mistakenly dealt with” on Sunday
Security forces in Egypt have killed 12 people including Mexican tourists, mistaking them for terrorists. The group had entered a restricted zone, the country’s interior ministry says.
The tourists were driving in four vehicles through the western-central Wahat area of the vast Western Desert. Another ten people, also Mexicans and Egyptians, were injured and were taken to hospital. The ministry has promised a full investigation.
The four vehicles were “mistakenly dealt with” on Sunday during a joint military police and armed forces operation, the interior ministry statement reads. The area is supposed to be “off limits to foreign tourists”, though a precise location was not given.
The tour company taking the tourists “did not have permits and did not inform the authorities”, Rasha Azaz, a tourism ministry spokesman, told Associated Press.
A group claiming to be affiliated with Islamic State said it was present at the time in Farafra. It is likely the security forces mistook the tourists for these terrorists.