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Photo: Egyptian Tourism Authority

Egyptians arrested for Danes’ naked pyramid stunt

A man and a woman await trial after photos and a video showed the Danes’ sexual mischief atop the ancient monument.

Authorities in Egypt have arrested a camel owner and a second individual for helping two Danes climb the Great Pyramid at Giza, the news agency Ritzau and The Local report.

The Danish tourists themselves are now safely back home after climbing the pyramid for the view at sunrise, which inspired a sexually-charged photo and video session atop the peak.

After the images were posted online, they caused general outrage in Denmark as well as in Egypt.

One of those arrested, a woman, is alleged to have put the Danish couple in contact with the camel owner, who transported them illegally to the pyramid on the evening of November 29 for 4,000 Egyptian pounds (€200), the Egyptian interior ministry says.

The camel owner and woman have apparently confessed and now sit in a cell awaiting trial, the news agency AFP reports.

Climbing on the ancient monuments at Giza is strictly forbidden under Egyptian law. It is not yet clear whether any charges will also be brought against the two Danes.

Millions of views
Andreas Hvid, 23, posted a video on YouTube showing him and his girlfriend climbing the pyramid, which has since been viewed around five million times.

Hvid has told the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet it was a long-held ambition of his to climb the pyramid.

“I will stay out of Egypt from now on, as I probably risk being sentenced if I go back,” Hvid told the newspaper.

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