Electrical failure on cruise ship in Baltic Sea

MSC Opera with 2,000 people onboard towed to land without power

Around 2,000 passengers and crew aboard the MSC Opera are experiencing no power, lighting or air conditioning following an electrical failure that set the vessel adrift. The 59,000-ton cruise ship is due to arrive in Visby today, pulled into harbour by tugs sent to her after she suffered the power failure on May 13. After that she will continue to the port of Nynäshamn. A team from MSC Cruises has been dispatched to help the passengers. The operator commented that there had been “technical problems to an electrical panel”, after which the captain had tried and failed to continue with the one remaining engine.
MSC has said it would repatriate all guests from Stockholm, arranging flights to their home destinations and giving them credit vouchers for a free 10-day cruise. This was the first incident of its kind on Opera. The most famous incident on its sister ship, MSC Melody, was in 2009 when Somali pirates boarding the vessel were stopped when tourists threw deckchairs and tables at them.
[[pictured: MSC Melody]


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