Elk road signs: nice for tourists, not for elk

Most motorists don’t slow down when they see the signs
Triangular road signs that warn motorists there may be elk in the area are great for tourists but have almost no impact on road accidents, according to a report by the Norwegian Public Roads Authority.
The warning signs can be found all over Norway, especially in picturesque regions like Hedmark and Telemark. But most motorists do not slow down when they see them, the road authority says, after investigating the 4,700 elk and deer killed in car accidents between 2008 and 2013.
“The signs are supposed to tell road users that they should slow down, but it turns out that in reality nobody does,” Rolf Sevendal, chief engineer at the authority in Hedmark County, said.
Some tourists have even been known to steal the elk signs on remote stretches of road as souvenirs.
Instead of putting up warnings signs, money would be better spent taking down tree cover close to roads so motorists are more likely to see elk that are close to the road, Sevendal suggested.
NRK / The Local
[pictured: Moose, or Eurasian elk, in northern Sweden; photo by Sara Ingman/imagebank.sweden.se]