Emergency landing as worker is trapped in cargo hold

Plane returns to Seattle after banging and pleas are heard
An Alaska Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing after hearing frantic banging from someone in the cargo hold. He turned out to be a baggage handler who had been locked inside.
It is understood that the worker had fallen asleep in the hold before the doors closed and the Boeing 737 took off from Seattle for Los Angeles. Immediately after take-off, the pilot could hear banging beneath him. Passengers in first class could also hear the pounding and desperate pleas for help.
The pilot quickly turned the plane around to land back in Seattle. Two air marshals who were on board banged and yelled back, trying to communicate that the plane was returning.
The baggage handler was found in the front cargo hold, where he had been in the air for 14 minutes. He walked off the plane and was taken to hospital as a precaution.
[pictured: Alaska Airlines 737-900ER; courtesy Alaska Airlines]