Emergency on Lufthansa flight to Heathrow

Pilots forced to wear oxygen masks after feeling dizzy

Pilots on a Lufthansa flight to London Heathrow were forced to put on their oxygen masks when a strong smell left them feeling nauseous, a report by the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch reveals.
The Airbus A321-131 had flown from Frankfurt and was making its final approach to Heathrow when a strange odour left the co-pilot complaining of dizziness and eye irritation. A similar smell was detected in the passenger cabin and the pilot requested priority landing clearance.
The plane landed safely around 15 minutes after the odour was detected, and the air quality improved after the engines were shut down. Mysteriously, an investigation was unable to find the cause of the smell.
The Telegraph / TTG Digital
[pictured: Airbus A321; photo courtesy Lufthansa]