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Photo: Emirates

Emirates opens world’s shortest A380 route

The Dubai-based airline will be deploying one of its 110 superjumbos to a destination only 75 minutes away.

Emirates has deployed one of its 110 A380s on the shortest route for the world’s largest passenger aircraft, from Dubai to Muscat in Oman, 340 kilometres away. The flight will take about 75 minutes.

Emirates will fly the route twice daily from July 1, with first departure from Dubai 08:25 landing in Muscat at 09:40. The second departure from Dubai will be in the afternoon at 16:10, The Nation reports.

The airline will initially fly the route until the end of October, but already it claims that the booking numbers now look as if it will be extended into the winter season.

The A380, which in this case will carry up to 519 passengers in three classes, is typically used on long-haul routes that can take eight to ten hours.

The airline, whose earnings slumped dramatically in the year to the end of March, reportedly has too many aircraft and now it is looking for alternative ways to use its A380s. Emirates said recently that it would phase out the giant of the skies by the end of 2030.

On June 1, the inaugural A380 flight from Dubai to Amman took place, a route it has been operating for over 33 years. The A380 will continue to fly to the Jordanian capital until October 26.

Emirates also operates the world’s longest A380 route, to Auckland, which takes 17 hours and five minutes.

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