Emirates promises “sledgehammer” response against report

Emirates reacts angrily to allegations it got more than $40 billion in subsidies
Emirates has reacted angrily to a report by US airlines that accuses Gulf carriers of getting more than $40 billion in government subsidies. The airline’s president Tim Clark promised a “sledgehammer” response.
“Having read the report, you could drive a bulldozer through just about everything. […] We will deal a sledgehammer to that report as far as Emirates and Dubai is concerned,” Clark said at a conference in Dubai.
But Emirates’ chief executive, Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum, elaborated that it may take two years to put together a reply, as it took the US airlines that long to produce their report.
Clark said he would resign if the report proves to be accurate. He also said the heads of the three US carriers making the accusations – Delta, American and United – should resign if the allegations are disproved.
[image courtesy Emirates]